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Membrane proteins are the gatekeepers of biological cells and control a great variety of tasks that are essential for cellular homeostasis, and they are involved in virtually any signalling cascade.

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uNMR-NL scientists in the spotlight

Interviews for Utrecht Life Sciences

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Arenium ion betrapt

Utrecht chemists prove Nobel Prize Winner Olah correct

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NMARRS mini-symposium

Nuclear hyperpolarization in the solution state

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In-vivo NMR course

Fundamentals of NMR imaging and spectroscopy

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uNMR-NL video

The Dutch uNMR-NL facility

What is nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and what can we do with it?

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High resolution

Installation of the highest field magnet in the Netherlands

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uNMR-NL is a facility for equipment and expertise in high-field magnetic resonance distributed over four sites