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The group of Prompers conducts research at the UMCU focusing on the study of derangements in tissue lipid metabolism and mitochondrial function, which play a central role in e.g. type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease and cardiovascular disease. To this end she develops multi-nuclear in vivo MRS methods for both pre-clinical and clinical applications at high field strength (7 Tesla and above). Recently, her group demonstrated the application of 1H and 31P MRS to measure in vivo the amount of triglycerides and the energy status, respectively, in the fast-beating mouse heart, which so far has only been accomplished by a couple of laboratories worldwide. In addition to the clinical and pre-clinical work, the group makes use of model systems for human disease, such as zebrafish and organoids. The micro-imaging capabilities of the uNMR-NL 950 MHz (and in the future of the 1.2 GHz) MR system offer unprecedented sensitivity and resolution for these small model systems and will allow major advancements, for example in the field of regenerative cardiovascular medicine.