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uNMR-NL Partners

Overview of uNMR-NL consortium members


Utrecht University  

Utrecht University


Wageningen University & Research


Radboud University


Leiden University




UMC Utrecht


AMC Amsterdam




Radboud UMC


Leiden UMC


Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research


Institute for Molecules and Materials


Leiden Institute of Chemistry


Agro and Food Science Group



uNMR-NL scientific advisors

Beat Meier

Professor ETH Zürich

Axel Haase

Professor Technical University Munich

Paul van Tilborg

Director Analytical Sciences ChemConnection

Ad Bax

Senior Investigator NIH Bethesda

Christian Griesinger

Director MPI Göttingen

Clare Grey

Professor University of Cambridge


Researchers at the uNMR-NL sites

Aldrik Velders

Professor of Bionanotechnology

Wageningen University & Research

Nanomaterials and complex selfassembled superstructures, development of small volume NMR

Marcellus Ubbink

Professor of Protein Chemistry

Leiden University

Development and application of paramagnetic NMR to study protein structure and function

Arno Kentgens

Professor of Solid State NMR

Radboud University

Development and application of NMR methods to study local structure and dynamics in functional materials

Marc Baldus

Professor of Structural Biology

Utrecht University

In-situ characterisation of biomolecules and their complexes using cellular solid-state NMR

Dr. Marie Renault

Senior Scientist

Utrecht University

Development and application of liquid- and solid-state NMR to study Corynebacterial membrane proteins

Dr. Meaghan Ward


Utrecht University

Study of proteins in the Wnt signaling pathway using solid-state NMR

Ernst van Eck

Facility Manager RU

Radboud University

Alia Matysik-Alia

Professor of uMRI

Leiden University / Leipzig University

Reinout Raijmakers

Managing Director Bijvoet Center

Utrecht University

Oscar van den Brink

Managing Director COAST


Advance analytical science to drive innovation in the Netherlands

Markus Weingarth

Assistant Professor

Utrecht University

Modern sensitivity-enhanced solid-state NMR methods for the study of drug-receptor complexes in native cell membranes

Karthick Babu Sai Sankar Gupta

Facility Manager LU

Leiden University

Gustav Strijkers

Professor of Preclinical and Translational MRI

Jeanine Prompers

Associate Professor Biomedical MRI & MRS


MRS and MRI methods to study in-vivo lipid metabolism and mitochondrial function in metabolic disorders

Tom Scheenen

Associate Professor Radiology & Nuclear Medicine


Andrew Webb

Professor of Physics of MRI


Development of new hardware for high field magnetic resonance

Rolf Boelens

Professor of Biomolecular NMR

Utrecht University

Henk Van As

Associate Professor of Biophysics

Wageningen University & Research

NMR and MRI methods to study transport in porous bio-systems and structural composition of foods

John van Duynhoven

Endowed Professor of Biophysics

Wageningen University & Research

Compositions and multiscale structures in relation to food quality, impact of diet & lifestyle on metabolic health

Hans Wienk

NMR @ Utrecht University: Facility Manager / Project Manager

Utrecht University

Contact uNMR-NL, EU Project Management (iNEXT), NMR Facility manager, biomolecular NMR applications

Alexandre Bonvin

Professor of Computational Structural Biology

Utrecht University

Modelling of biomolecular complexes using a variety of experimental data

Marco Tessari

Assistant Professor

Radboud University

Development of hyperpolarization techniques in solution

Huub de Groot

Professor of Biophysical Organic Chemistry

Leiden University

Hugo van Ingen

Assistant Professor

Utrecht University

Molecular basis of chromatin function

Anjali Pandit

Assistant Professor

Leiden University