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What do we offer ?

The uNMR-NL facility enables non-invasive characterization of molecular systems from the atomic to micrometer range by ultra-high field NMR. We offer expertise and measurement time on spectrometers currently ranging from 600-950 MHz for solid- and liquid-state NMR as well as micro-imaging. The current uNMR-NL high-end 950MHz spectrometer is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation for all three fields of research, providing the highest sensitivity and resolution in the Netherlands. Moreover, dedicated NMR instrumentation and expertise is available at the four uNMR-NL sites.



The uNMR-NL facility provides ultra-high field magnetic resonance equipment and expertise for a large range of research fields

High-field NMR spectrometers

The uNMR-NL facility provides the highest field (950 MHz; upgraded to 1.2GHz in 2020/21) in the Netherlands

Fast spinning MAS probes

Solid-state NMR probes for fast spinning (upto ~70 kHz) on high-field spectrometers (600, 700, 800, 850 and 950 MHz)

High-sensitive liquid-state NMR

Cryprobes on several high-field NMR magnets (600, 800, 850, 950 MHz) for high-senstive liquid-state NMR

NMR on light-sensitive samples

Laser equipment and dedicated solid- & liquid-state probes for NMR experiments on light-sensitive molecules or materials

ssNMR with DNP

Solid-state NMR using Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) at different fields (400, 600, 800 MHz)

High-field microimaging

Micro-imaging probes with several inserts (bird-cage, solenoid and planar coils) at different fields (600, 750, 950 MHz)

Paramagnetic tags

Support for the design and synthesis of paramagnetic probes for protein research

Small volume NMR

Development of small volume probes for NMR on volume limited samples or to follow chemical reactions


Users and usergroups that can apply for measurement time and expertise on the uNMR-NL equipment

uNMR-NL consortium

Users from research groups within the consortium

External Dutch

Users from Dutch research groups outside of the consortium (including collaborations with uNMR-NL members)


International collaborators or users via iNEXT or INSTRUCT

Non-academic Users

Users from private organisations

Request uNMR-NL access


For access to NMR equipment at the uNMR-NL facility sites, please fill out the form below and upload one A4 page with a short description of the requested NMR measurements. For academic users, please also add the scientific background of the project.

For access to the core 950 MHz system please follow this link



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