Ultrahigh-field NMR for the Netherlands

The uNMR-NL facility enables non-invasive characterization of molecular systems from the atomic to micrometer range by ultra-high field NMR. We offer expertise and measurement time on spectrometers currently ranging from 600-950 MHz for solid- and liquid-state NMR as well as micro-imaging. The current uNMR-NL high-end 1.2 GHz spectrometer is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation for all three fields of research, providing the highest sensitivity and resolution in the Netherlands. Moreover, dedicated NMR instrumentation and expertise is available at the four uNMR-NL sites.

We offer equipment and expertise

High-field NMR spectrometers:
the uNMR-NL facility provides the highest field (1.2GHz) in the Netherlands

High-sensitive liquid-state NMR:
cryprobes on several high-field NMR magnets (600, 800, 850, 950 MHz) for high-senstive liquid-state NMR

NMR on light-sensitive samples:
laser equipment and dedicated solid- & liquid-state probes for NMR experiments on light-sensitive molecules or materials

ssNMR with DNP:
solid-state NMR using Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) at different fields (400, 600, 800 MHz)

High-field microimaging:
micro-imaging probes with several inserts (bird-cage, solenoid and planar coils) at different fields (600, 750, 950 MHz)

Paramagnetic tags:
support for the design and synthesis of paramagnetic probes for protein research

Small volume NMR:
development of small volume probes for NMR on volume limited samples or to follow chemical reactions