1. Project title

  2. Applicant’s name, affiliation, address, phone, email

  3. Project description

    Short description of the work to be carried out

  4. Sample characteristics, e.g.:

    ⋅ Sample name and molecular weight (number of residues)

    ⋅ Solution / solid / micro-imaging

    ⋅ Sample additives

    ⋅ Solution: Solubility/solvent/concentration

    ⋅ Aggregation state at NMR conditions

    ⋅ pH requirements

    ⋅ Sample availability (and in which quantities)

    ⋅ Temperature (typical/max. allowed)

    ⋅ Sample purity (how is it estimated, what are the impurities, paramagnetic/conducting)

    15N/13C/2H/other labeling?

  5. Desired NMR experiments and estimated time for each experiment

  6. Desired NMR instrumentation

    ⋅ Desired magnetic field

    Solution state NMR

    ⋅ Cryoprobe

    ⋅ Samplechanger

Solid state NMR
 ⋅ MAS speed / rotor diameter

 ⋅ DNP
  1. Is this a collaborative project with one of the uNMR-NL facilities?

    if yes, name of collaborator

  2. Are there potential hazards associated with the sample or the experiment?