Theory, practice & applications of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Next to providing NMR expertise and access to high-end & high-field NMR equipment, one of the goals of our uNMR-NL consortium is to educate the next generation of NMR spectroscopist on our high-end machines. In this context, uNMR-NL partner RU has taken the lead in the organisation of the Netherlands’ Magnetic Resonance Research School.

All partners of our consortium provide NMR courses within several different study programs and are open for internships:

Research internships
The uNMR-NL research groups host bachelor and masters students from different study programs (e.g. chemistry, biology, (bio-)physics, material sciences, life-sciences) for research internships

Practical NMR courses
Our partner universities organize practical courses at the spectrometer or behind the computer, to get hands-on experience at the NMR magnet or with NMR data analysis.

Theoretical NMR courses
Courses for understanding of NMR theory at several levels are embedded in the different study programs, ranging from basic knowledge needed for applications, up to detailed quantum mechanics needed for NMR development.

COAST ASTP/MSc+ programs
Together with the uNMR-NL facility sites, COAST organizes magnetic resonance courses related to analytical application fields, such as food & nutrition or polymer chemistry, as well as an advanced NMR summer school.