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Leiden University

Leiden University houses NMR groups with a focus on high resolution NMR on proteins and enzyme-ligand interactions (Ubbink), solid-state NMR on natural and artificial photosynthetic systems (de Groot, Pandit, Alia, Buda) and MRI and MR spectroscopy (Alia). The Ubbink group has a unique position in research and development of paramagnetic NMR to study structures, dynamics and interactions of biomacromolecules and since 2013, LU houses the paramagnetic NMR facility. Research at the solid-state NMR groups focuses on resolving principal mechanisms of photosynthesis. The group actively contributes to the development of HR-MAS, micro-imaging and in-situ NMR for a molecular view of energy regulation and storage in intact plants and algae.

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