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Wageningen University

Academic groups as well as applied research groups from the WUR operate in different fields of nuclear magnetic resonance: (low-field, time domain) relaxation, (micro-)imaging and (high-resolution) spectroscopy, as well as electron resonance spectroscopy. The key groups the Wageningen MAGNEtic resonance research FacilitY (MAGNEFY) are BioNanoTechnology (Velders) and BioPhysics (van Duynhoven). Both groups develop in-house MR-hardware parts such as dedicated gradient systems, rheo-MRI cells, as well as tailor-made pulse sequences.

Research expertise of the BioNanotechnolgy group reaches from characterization of nanomaterials and complex self-assembled superstructures to small volume NMR. The BioPhysics group has a track record in development and application of NMR/MRI methods to plant-MRI and complex food systems.

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